Universal Credit help Scunthorpe Jobcentre clients get into 2019 work

Officials at the Scunthorpe Jobcentre Plus branch say Universal Credit can help people make a new start in 2019 and here is the full details … Various support measures are in place for claimants through the Scunthorpe Jobcentre to help those looking to make a new start this new year …

Universal Credit for Scunthorpe Jobcentre clients

A new year brings new opportunities for those who are looking for work or aiming to progress in employment.

And various support measures are offer by the Scunthorpe Jobcentre Plus through the Universal Credit benefit scheme.

They include the opportunity to discuss financial issues, while work coaches can help people get back into jobs.

Anyone making a claim has the opportunity to see Citizens Advice to discuss any financial questions, from how to manage their monthly payment to getting the best deals on utilities.

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Citizens Advice also provides one-to-one digital support through Scunthorpe Central to help manage a Universal Credit account.

Universal Credit

Among those to have to use the help from Citizens Advice is Kirsty, who said: “I found the service very useful, it helps me see what I need to change”

The Use of Universal Credit

Universal Credit is not all about the financial side of things, as customers looking for work receive a personally tailored service from a dedicated work coach trained to support people into employment.

This may be through coaching, training or voluntary work experience, whichever suits the customer best. There is also an employer team working with local businesses to support their recruitment and sourcing suitable vacancies for those looking for work.

Sarah claimed Universal Credit after a marriage breakdown. Her work coach realized Sarah needed time to adjust to her circumstances so supported her with conversations around confidence building.

“When the time was right, he suggests referral to a local provider, who supports Sarah with some training and updated her CV.

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She has applied since and found part-time work with a local employer but still receives Universal Credit as her earnings are top up at the end of each assessment period.

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