Microsoft Edge Beta For iOS Gets Picture-In-Picture WhatsApp Update

Microsoft Edge Beta is one of the Top Web Browsers just as Brave as Chrome and Chromium and Mozilla and Opera Touch Inclusive.

Meanwhile, as Safari Browser is best for the iOS devices makes as the Default Browser that is how Chrome is with Android Operating System as Google Search Box mobile browser.

Microsoft Edge Beta For iOS Gets Picture-In-Picture

Microsoft Edge Beta For iOS

Apple’s Safari browser on iOS is more than capable of getting the job done as a mobile browser, but we imagine that for whatever reasons, people might choose to use a third-party browser, whether it be to sync their bookmarks or maybe due to better performance.

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Now if you do prefer using Microsoft Edge Beta on your iOS device, then you might be interested in the app’s latest beta.

According to the changelog in the latest beta of Edge, one of the new features that Microsoft will be introducing to the browser comes in the form of picture-in-picture support. This means that if you’re watching a video within the browser, you can continue to surf the web at the same time which can come in handy.

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This is a feature that we’ve seen introduced to a variety of apps, such as WhatsApp which has also recently rolled out support for that feature on Android devices.

Other changes made to the browser in the beta include a new rating flag provided by NewsGuard that informs users about the reliability of news sources, and also access to kids-friendly news contents.

However these features are currently part of the beta so unless you are participating in it, you won’t be seeing those features in the main release for now.

However, hopefully, testing of these features goes well and that we can expect to see it available to all Edge users on iOS soon. Read More

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