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Computer Appreciation Overview; on this page as a beginner or starter there is the basic you need to start with on the easy Computer Appreciation to Learn Faster and better your experience;

Computer Appreciation Overview

Before now in the kindagatine, I was once told that a Computer is an Idiot Machine. Why? Because it is so sad that the computer gives you back whatever you input into it. Lol, That’s not cool to call it an idiot machine Right?  … What is the highest Technology Today? … Computer, of course, isn’t that Right? …


A computer is a machine that makes work easier, a layman said. Though he is not far from the definition of it. Expert’s as a programmable electronic device capable of accepting data in a prescribed form through an input device and processes the raw data through the central processing and produce the reform through the output device.

computer Appreciation

The Computer has three component parts which are interdependent. That is, without this parts combining together it is incomplete. They are the keyboard, central processing unit also known as the system unit and the monitor or display unit.

System Unit – Computer Appreciation

This is the main part of the computer. It is made up of internal and external features which we are to discuss but a few.

Internal features

1• Motherboard: This component houses all another internal component of the computer. It is also known as the Main board or Circuit board.

2• CPU: the Central processing unit which is also called the Microprocessor is the center of activity in the computer. Its speed is measured in Megahertz ( MHz ) and Gigahertz ( GHz ). Of can further be classified by its configuration.

System configuration

~The Pentium

  • Pentium I
  • Pentium II
  • The Pentium III
  • Pentium IV
  • Pentium M

Today, the Core i Series has a better role to play as Tech-Update Keep advancing Higher and Higher in the World.

~ Processor speed

  • 150MHZ 200MHZ
  • 250MHZ 400MHZ
  • 450MHZ 1.0GHZ
  • 1.0GHZ 3.4GHZ

Note: 1024MHZ = 1GHZ


3• RAM: Random Access Memory. This is the temporal working space of your computer. The work in the RAM is erased when ever there is power failure. It works hand in hand with the processor.

RAM co!esin sizes such as 8mb, 16mb, 32mb, 64mb, 128mb, 256mb, 512mb, 1gb etc…..

Note: 1024mb =1GB

Mb = megabyte

GB = gigabyte

The big the size of the PROCESSOR and the RAM the faster the system.

4• ROM: Read Only Memory. This is the permanent storage device in the system that stores only the operating system and the Hardware profile of tour computer.

System Hardware ‘ Computer Appreciation ‘

computer components

Hardware: This is referred to as all of the physical, electrical and mechanical component of your computer. Refers to objects that you van actually touch, like disks, disks drives, display screens, keyboards, printers, boards, and chips. In contrast, software is untouchable.

Software:  Computer instructions or data. Any thing that can be stored electronically is software. which is divided into Two namely;

  • System Software
  • Application Software

The System Software refers to the computer operating system like Windows, Mac iOS and other like Ubuntu, Linux, Dubuntu etc…

The Application Software is the programs or instructions written to perform some specific task e.g Chromium, Blustacks, WordPress App, IDM, Cortana, and More …

External Features

  • Casing: This is the outer covering of the system unit.

Types of casing

  1. Tower casing
  2. Desktop casing
  3. Laptop
  4. Notebook
  5. Pamtop
  • Power Button: This is used to cold not the system.
  • Reset Button: This is used to warm boot the system, that is to restarting the system.
  • Ports Or Interface: These are the communication medium, through which the system unit interact with any Hardware component attached. Such as the keyboard, Mouse, printer, VGA, speaker-ports etc….

The Input devices

What’s an Input Device? …

This is or These are devices which one can use to add or Send raw data to the computer System.

Here are the basic computer input Devices;

The Keyboard

This permits the computer user to communicate with the computer. It is made up of 105 – 120keys divided into five (5) functional areas such as:

  1. Typing keys
  2. Computer keys
  3. Function keys
  4. Numeric keys
  5. Cursor keys

Types of keyboard

  1. Wireless keyboard
  2. Cord/cable keyboard
  3. USB keyboard
  4. PS/2 keyboard


This also permits the computer user to communicate with the computer. It is  Ade up of 2 – 3 buttons which include:

  1. The left click bottom
  2. The right click button
  3. The scroll button

Types of mouse

  1. Wireless mouse
  2. Cord/cable mouse
  3. USB Mouse
  4. PS/2 Mouse
  5. Serial Mouse


This is an input device which converts images such as photographs and into digital images that the computer can manipulate


This is a rod like device often used by people who play computer games

Digital Camera

This is an input device that is used to capture a live images canbe transfer into the computer.

Light Pen

This is an input device occasionally used by people to either sign or draw directly into the computer.

Output devices

What’s An Output Device? …

This is or These Are Devices which can help us get in touch with the Computer System Results ‘Information’ which can be either of the following;

  1. Hard-Copy
  2. Soft-Copy

Here are their difference;

A Hard copy of an information is that info which you can feel or touch e.g Handout, textbooks, etc…

A Soft Copy is that information which you can either feel or touch but you can only see e.g content display of the Monitor, projector, etc…


This is an output device which permit us visualize what we are working on. It co!es in sixes such as 14″, 15″ ,17″ 21″ can also be called

  1. The Display Unit
  2. VGA= videol grahoc adaptor

Types of monitor

  • CRT= Cathode Ray Tube
  • LCD = Liquid Crystal Display

Features of Monitor

� The Screen

� The Power Button

� The Control Button

� The  Interface Cable

� The Power Port


�This is an output device use to produce the hard copy of our work.

Types of printer

�Laser printer

�Deskjet printer

� Dot Matrix printer

LASER= Light Accelerated Simulating Emitting Radiation

It is the most expensive type of printer and prints with a very high resolution. It prints with a powdery substance called the TONNER.

Deskjet printer

This is another type of printer with a good resolution but not as good as the laser printer.

The Deskjet printer prints with a liquid called the INK.

DOT matrix printer

This is another type of printer but not as popular as laser and Deskjet printer. It prints with RIBBION.

Computer care

How best have you been taking Good Care of your Personal Computers? … Personal in the sense of the Common Computers which you make use of in your Home, offices, School, Work Places, organizations, etc … Here are some basic care you should render to your Computers to help increase durability;

  1. Operate the computer in a well ventilated environment.
  2. Do not eat while operating the computer.
  3. Make a firm connection before powering on the computer.
  4. Don’t clean with a wet cloth rather use damp cloth.
  5. Use Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS and a good power surge or stabilizer.

Hope  you will Visit again? … Computer Appreciation here is just the chapter 1 of the overview see the Next Chapter of Computer Appreciation free too.

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